This information is old (pre 1997) from when I was still living in South Africa. I have updated it to get the sense of time right, but otherwise left it as is. A more current, but rather sparse, homepage is to be found here.

Craig and the coolest cat in the world, Toby, from sometime in the early 90's

Craig Taverner

Doctorate Masters Steric Diagrams Amanzi ComOpt

I was a doctoral student studying the Electronic Structure of Compressed Atoms, which involves the calculation of the electronic energies and densities of compressed atoms using Hartree-Fock-Slater and Density Functional computations, under the supervision of Jan Boeyens. My Masters degree was a comparitive study of several Inclusion Compounds of Thiourea and Selenourea, supervised by Demi Levendis. I have also spent a considerable amount of time involved in other programming projects, like the calculation of molecular steric effects about points. Another hobby is drawing useful diagrams.

In 1997 I moved to Sweden to work at ComOpt AB, a Swedish telecommunications company in Helsingborg. We specialized in advanced decision support applications for mobile network planning and optimization engineers. Their flagship product, CellOpt AFP, was the industry leading automatic frequency planning tool for over a decade, since 1997. In early 2004, ComOpt was bought by Actix Ltd based in London. In late 2007, Actix shut down their Swedish division, and I started the new company, AmanziTel AB, with Ian Vernon in 2008. In 2011, a majority state in AmanziTel was acquired by Dingli, a telecoms solutions provider in Zhuhai, China, near Hong Kong.

I maintain Amanzi

My pre-ComOpt CV from Feb.'96 (a LOT has happened since then ;-)